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Martin strings latest to repackage...

martin strings

Martin have become the latest string brand to ditch the old cardboard box packaging and move to hermetically sealed strings. The roll out started in May and will gradually move across the acoustic strings range, with the slower selling items yet to show the change. With more and more people buying strings online it makes sense to have strings arrive in packaging that doesn't suffer rough handling in the postal system!

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Dean Markley rebranded in new packaging

Due to an extrusion/winding problem at the factory all Dean Markley strings in the old style packaging have been recalled and you should now only find the rebranded packs available for sale. We have added the Dean Markley Helix range of electric and acoustic strings to our ever increasing range of guitar strings in store. Here's what Dean Markley have to say about them..... Dean Markley Product Description The Hyper-Elliptical compressed winding process allows for an increased number of wraps across the length of the string without altering its diameter, resulting in fuller tone, incredible sustain, amazing output, and an...

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Check out these string prices!

  D'Addario XL series electric strings from £4.30 Dean Markley signature electric strings £3.95 Ernie Ball Slinky electric strings from £4.89  Ernie Ball cobalt Slinky electric strings from £9.85 Ernie Ball Everlast phosphor bronze acoustic strings £14.90 Martin 80/20 bronze M140 M150 M175 M170 acoustic strings £4.15 Martin MSP3150 80/20 bronze 0125 - 055 acoustic strings £4.00 Rotosound electric strings with extra high E string from £4.15  

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