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Dean Markley rebranded in new packaging

Due to an extrusion/winding problem at the factory all Dean Markley strings in the old style packaging have been recalled and you should now only find the rebranded packs available for sale.

We have added the Dean Markley Helix range of electric and acoustic strings to our ever increasing range of guitar strings in store. Here's what Dean Markley have to say about them.....

Dean Markley Product Description

The Hyper-Elliptical compressed winding process allows for an increased number of wraps across the length of the string without altering its diameter, resulting in fuller tone, incredible sustain, amazing output, and an increased life span.

But no matter the technology behind the amazing Helix strings, it's all about tone. Made of 8 per cent nickel-plated steel, wrapped over tinned mandolin wire hex-core, Helix strings are ingeniously twisted to create more mass with a smoother feel, producing enhanced tone, sustain, and longevity.

Dean Markley helix strings represent a giant leap forward in the evolution of string technology. Helix's patent-pending Elliptical Winding process brings new life to your music with a smoother feel, and a richer, more resonant tone that is unrivalled by conventional strings. Medium guitar string gauge as follows 0.011, 0.013, 0.018, 0.03, 0.042 and 0.052.

The Dean Markley NPS Helix HD electric guitar strings provide a smoother feel and a brighter, more resonant tone than any other string. As a matter of fact, the Helix HD is the most innovative break-through in string technology since the beginning of stringed instruments!To make the Helix HD, the patent-pending, Hyper-Elliptical Winding process took over a year of many trials to find just the precise elliptical shape for the winding wire. This shape then had to be paired with the correct winding process that would produce these stupendous results--the maximum mass for the string's diameter that still maintained the string's vibrancy.More mass makes a fuller tone; more windings give a smoother feel as well as a brighter, more resonant tone. This provides a smoothness and performance unrivaled by any conventional string. The STAR gauge strings are a little heavier with a wound and a plain G string, making it a little meatier for blues and rock players.The Hyper-Elliptical Winding process results in an increased number of wraps along the length of the string. This increases the mass of your string, without changing its diameter or material.Imagine your usual string's feel as you press and strum the normal wrap wire. Your fingers experience resistance as they go down into each depression between the wraps. Now imagine the smoothness while playing the less coarse wrappings. Your fingers glide more easily and smoothly along the surface of the wrap wire.Helix HD -- Enjoy experiencing the most innovative guitar string made... Ever!Oh, and one other thing... As a pleasant side effect of this revolutionaly technology, the strings last much longer--they give your wallet more mass too.

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