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Seagull S6+ Folk acoustic guitar - Made in Canada S/H

Seagull S6+ Folk acoustic guitar - Made in Canada S/H


From La Patrie factory this folk style body, solid cedar top, three layer wild cherry back, wild cherry sides, sliver leaf maple neck, 14/21 fret fingerboard with dot inlays, chrome tuners, compound curve top, in natural finish - in very good condition with a bump to headstock and a small mark to the front  (see last pictures)

The vibration of the top is the single most important factor in the sound of a guitar. Solid top guitars offer richer sound, wider dynamic range, and best of all - they get even better the more you play them! (see 'aging') All Seagull guitars feature solid tops. Each solid top is made from a single layer of Spruce or Cedar. This extraordinary wood comes from Cedar and Spruce trees that are hundreds of years old. The straight grain in this wood produces a unique combination of strength and flexibility. The top is strong enough—in the direction of the grain— to withstand the pull of the strings while at the same time it's flexible enough—across the grain—to vibrate freely. This is why all of the best sounding guitars feature solid tops.

The Compound-Curve Top The idea of applying an arch or a curve to the top is appealing because the added strength created by the arch makes it possible to use a thinner and more lightly braced top. While this is true, there remains a trade-off in applying a curve to the entire top. The most active part of the top is the area centered on the bridge. Applying a curve to this part of the top restricts movement resulting in a loss of dynamic range. On the other hand, the area of the top above the sound hole moves minimally but is problematic because it tends to sink if the guitar dries out even slightly. This tendency is also encouraged by downward pressure from the fingerboard resting on top of it. The solution is a top that has a compound curve. In this design, the top is arched slightly in the area above the sound hole and levels out in the area around the bridge. The compound curve top produces excellent stability in the upper part of the guitar top and the power and projection made possible by leaving the top flat, below the sound hole. With the weak area above the sound hole stabilized, it is possible to make the rest of the top even more active.

The Heel The heel is a potentially weak spot in any guitar neck. Maple dowels inserted through the heel reinforce Seagull necks. As a result, this connection becomes several times stronger.

Neck Pitch In order to enjoy all of the advantages of a well-crafted neck, a great deal of care must be given when joining it to the guitar body. The angle of a guitar’s neck attachment—often called neck pitch—plays a crucial role in the instruments tone. Simply put, if the neck is too far back the guitar will lose its bass and sound tinny. On the other hand, if the neck angle is too far forward, the guitar will lose its high frequency and sound muddy. The Seagull neck attachment system ensures consistent neck pitch. It also produces the added advantage of a superior neck/body energy transfer because the neck is attached to the body with a clean wood-to-wood connection. There is no glue or finish to impede the vibration between the heel of the neck and the guitar's body

Made in Canada

Second hand guitar

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