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Revelation RJT60M TL retro style electric guitar in sunburst

Revelation RJT60M TL retro style electric guitar in sunburst


Retro styled Alan Entwhistle designed electric guitar with single F shaped sound hole, Wilkinson bridge, Alan Entwhistle pickups, okoume body, maple neck and fingerboard in sunburst finish - serial no: G26220116

The exceptional ATN-5 circuitry that is fitted to today’s Revelation RJT-60’s and the wonderful Alan Entwistle pickups that are prominent throughout the Revelation range.

The idea behind the ATN circuitry which is fitted to all of the Revelation RJT range was to basically add modern day versatility to what is essentially a retro styled instrument.

Revelation understand that the demands of the modern day musician are greater now than ever before, with such a huge crossover of musical genres needing to be covered tonally. Whether you’re in a covers bands looking to authenticate sounds from the 60’s/70s/80’s etc or a studio tech looking for the perfect tone to accompany modern electronic synthesis, versatility is paramount.

For the live musician that has to carry 4 or 5 guitars to cover a given live set, we wanted to try to help them reduce their armoury somewhat by developing a workhorse that could cover most musical genres…a little like having a shampoo and a conditioner all in one.

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