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Gibson SG Fusion electric guitar in blue

Gibson SG Fusion electric guitar in blue


This is an unplayed guitar - specifications:
Mini-button tuners: Reliable, long-lasting tunings in a lighter weight for a more balanced instrument.
TekToid™: Dense and self-lubricating for great sustain and accurate return to pitch.
Slim taper neck: The slim taper profile and true satin nitro finish provide one of the most comfortable and fastest necks Gibson has ever made.
Rosewood fingerboard: High standard of quality to ensure truly amazing tone, sustain and playability.
Classic SG body in solid mahogany: True Gibson SG tones with a solid mahogany body
New Light Gloss true Nitro finish: New Light Gloss finish is a true
Nitro finish that provides ultimate resonance and beautiful aging.
Double Slug Rhythm DS-C and Lead DS-C+ Gibson Made in USA humbuckers: Historic Gibson tones with more bite thanks to two rows of slugs. Lead DS-C+ for added punch.
Adjustable wrap-around bridge: Great sustain and tone transmission with the benefit of adjustability for accurate intonation
Simple controls: One volume, one tone and one toggle switch for more direct control.
S Series padded gigbag: As pictured

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