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Guitar Strings at Stargoat Guitars

Guitar Strings at Stargoat Guitars

With the addition of DR luminous & hi def neon coloured bass guitar strings to our stocks - there is a bigger choice than ever to string up your basses, acoustic, classical and electric guitars for stock at Stargoat.

Augustine - Gold, Blue, Red & Black label for classical guitars.

D'Addario - flatwound, roundwound, drop tune electric gauges, EXP & EJ acoustic ranges inc. 12 string packs.

Rotosound - full range of acoustic & electric (with extra top E) plus roundwound, flatwound and specialist bass guitar strings including 5string, 6 string, stainless steel, pressure wound & double ball end string packs.

Martin - Acoustic 80/20 bronze, 92/8 phos bronze and coated SP range.

Elixir - electric nanoweb and polyweb, acoustic nanoweb, polyweb, Taylor, double & triple packs.

Dean Markley - Electric & acoustic full ranges of signature, blue steel & helix wound strings.

Ernie Ball - Electric slinky, Cobalt Slinky, Titanium Slinky, M Steel, Classic Rock'n'Roll, 12 string, Pure Nickel & Stainless Steel full ranges - plus - Acoustic Earthwood, Slinky phos bronze, Aluminium bronze, Everlast 80/20 bronze & 92/8 phos bronze strings, 12 string sets - plus - Slinky bass, Cobalt Slinky bass, flatwound, 5 string, 6 string, long scale & acoustic bass strings.