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Guitar Strings

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We have a full range of Ernie Ball electric strings including Slinkies 6 and 7 string sets, M-Steel, Titanium reinforced slinky, Cobalt slinky, Reinforced plain slinky, Classic Rock'n'Roll pure nickel wrap slinky, Stainless Steel slinky & Nickel wound sets with a wound 3rd string instead of plain, ideal for semi acoustic guitar.

Other electric guitar string ranges by Rotosound, Elixir Polyweb & Nanoweb, D'Addario XL roundwound including heavy gauges, half gauges and flatwound sets, Dean Markley Signature, Helix and Blue Steel. There's a great range of Rotosound bass guitar strings including Swing roundwound, monel flatwound pressure wound, stainless steel, double ball end, drop zone, short scale, extra long, 5 string & 6 string sets.

We also stock Ernie Ball slinky bass strings in roundwound, flatwound, 5 string, 6 string & super long sets - There's also 4 and 5 string bass stainless steel and nickel wound string sets by Elixir & Dunlop - Dean Markley Blue Steel cryogenically treated bass guitar strings for longer life.

Martin acoustic MSP & M series strings, Dean Markley Signature, Helix and Blue Steel acoustic, Ernie Ball Everlast Phosphor bronze and 80/20 bronze, Aluminium bronze, Earthwood Silk & Steel, phos bronze and 80/20 bronze sets. Rotosound Jumbo King phosphor bronze strings, DR multi-coloured acoutic sets. D'Addario EJ & EXP range plus their Nashville tuning acoustic string set.

Classical guitar strings, tie end and ball end by Rotosound, Ernie Ball Earthwood, D'Addario and Augustine, including low medium and hard/high tension.